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Return to Earth 10

He watched from the corner of his eye as Cynthia smelled the glass tentatively.She took a sip and grinned. “Cherries. It’s been a long time since I tasted cherries.” She got wide eyed after a moment and smacked Daniel in the head. “You had cherries and didn’t tell me?” “Yeah, it wasn’t a great crop and he wasn’t selling them so he made me a deal. Seventy-five credits got me twenty-three pounds of cherries.Would have been more but had to point out the condition they were in. They did taste sweet though.” “I love cherries, you didn’t even share one,” she scowled. “You know that is the meanest thing to do.” Daniel sighed. “I know I’m sorry. Must have slipped my mind that you liked them. After sorting through them all and tossing out a pound of bad ones I had to think about how use them quick before any more spoiled. The best thing I could do was make some brandy. Maybe should have made wine would have had more bottles. However, I think the brandy is better. It brings the flavor out. Hard to believe after eighteen pounds of cherries a few bottles of liquor is all you get.” “It is good, I’ll give you that. It’s not overly strong. Still I should make you sleep on the couch for not telling me we had them and at least sharing a few.” Daniel groaned. “I suppose, I deserve that. I could just use the other bedroom,” he said glumly. He finished the rest of his salad before getting up. He picked up his glass and the bottle. “Hey, I didn’t say I was, just that I should,” she said seeing how he looked so depressed. “No you’re right it was mean and selfish and I totally deserve it. Out of twenty-two pounds I could have at least saved a few for you, considering their rarity.” He walked over to the kitchen and sat at the table getting his tablet up and running. He took a sip as he started looking for the supplies he wanted. Cynthia just looked at him. He was taking this really hard. She knew he didn’t like to do anything wrong to her. This was over the top. Yeah she was a little upset, but he used them in something they could have more often.It tasted like cherries. It wasn’t the same but it was a close second.She got up and walked over to the table. “It must have been little harder to get through all those cherries by yourself. Pitting them, cleaning them, sterilizing and processing them. Twenty three pounds is a lot of..” Daniel saw the wheels spinning as she started doing the math. He pushed back his chair and set the tablet down. “Daniel dear, what happen to the other four pounds?” “I told you they tasted sweet,” he tried to keep the smirk hidden. “Yeah I’m sure they did,” she said as she started coming around the table. Daniel got up and slid to the other side away from her. “Where are they?” Daniel stood up straight grabbed his glass and down the contents. “I have no idea what you are talking about,” he grinned and the chase was on. Cynthia ran around the table as he went the other way. He managed three turns around the table before running into the living room and around the sofa. “Daniel Miller tell me what you did with those cherries or so help me when I catch you I’m going to smack the hell out of you.” Daniel laughed. “I guess then I better not get caught,” he said turning and running backwards. He wasn’t paying attention and stumbled onto the sofa, falling over the back of it. He laid there laughing as she looked over the sofa at him. He groaned when he got up a second before she vaulted over next to where he was. He was to his feet and ran towards the bedroom jumping the two stairs that led to the door. “Dumb move smart boy,” she cackled, hitting the control for the door as she walked in catching her breath. “Nowhere to go now. You’re caught. Now tell me where they are.” Daniel shook his head and dove on the bed. Cynthia just dove in on top of him. She had him pinned under her and all he could do was roll over on his back as she grabbed his arms pinning them to the bed. He could have easily picked her up and tossed her to the side but he sat there struggling beneath her. “Tell me where they are,” she growled a she got face to face with him. “I ate them every last one. Got a big belly ache and it was worth it,” he grinned continuing to get some leverage on her grip then loose it. “You can’t keep them hidden forever, I will find them and I will eat them all,” she proclaimed as she pushed down on his wrists. She was inches from his face breathing hard. “Wow, maybe you did eat them all your breath does smell like cherries,” he moaned. “Give them to me and I will give you true cherry breath,” she exhaled and blew right into his face. “I see it now. You just wanted me for my cherries. It’s all been a scam to get them all this time,” he struggled more and she gave him a playful knee in the ribs. She slid herself down over his stomach until she was lying flat on top of him. She started kissing him softly on the neck then the cheek. “I wanted and still want you for you tenderness, your kindness, your generosity, your humanity and everything that makes you, you.” “Oh now you playing unfair, such cruelty,” he gasped. “You win no more please. I can’t take the mushy stuff no more.” “I always win,” she whispered as she kissed his lips. It was several minutes before they caught their breath and got up. Daniel went back to his tablet and set about doing what he was doing before. “So where are they? I know they are not here.” “In spirit they are,” he said as he poured another glass. “You’re not playing fair Daniel. You gave up now spill.” “Fine, thought it should be obvious where they are.” “Obviously they are not here, I would have found them by now,” she said growing slightly mad. “They are in the project room. I kind of convertedthe small closet into a small workroom, with a freezer. I was going to try to store other stuff in there but never actually got to it. Anyway, I flash froze them so they should thaw out and taste almost as fresh as they were that day. I was going to save them and break them out for your birthday.” “That’s nearly six months away,” she exclaimed. “Yes I know, to bad could have been a nice surprise even better treat.” “What’s that mean? Could have been? Are you not going to let me have some?” Daniel laid the tablet down as she came around the table and stood beside him. He was done ordering the items he had thought of.“Well not for your birthday, and I was really looking forward to seeing your expression.” “So what you’re saying is thatI can have them now,” she cooed as she thought about it. Her mouth watered. “Yep, can’t stop you,” he said looking at her with a grin and taking a sip from his glass. “Why do I have a feeling that’s not entirely true? Let me guess there’s a security system. I had wondered about that panel.” Daniel nodded and set his glass at arm’s length on the table. He reached for her and dragged her across the table edge to him. He put his arms around her, placed his head on her stomach and looked straight up her body at her face. “I installed it shortly before we ended the session. I didn’t want any of the movers or techs going in. Sometimes things go missing when no one is watching them.Access code is your birthday.” “Uhm my birthday, huh,” she felt his hands sliding over her back. “Couldn’t think of anything more original?” she started breathing a little heavier as he rubbed against her with his face. She was in a perfect position.His hands slipped under her shirt and worked her bare skin. She felt a tingle as his fingertips pressed in.She tried to see if he gave any sign of knowing what it was he was doing. Was it intentional or accidental? He just laid there looking off to the side towards the kitchen. “No, I actually just wanted something worth remembering,” he answered and started swaying back and forth . She slid her legs wider apart then back and around his body, locking them together. She wished she had changed into something a little looser fitting. Daniel felt the warmth of her skin. He wanted to pull back but for some reason his hands wouldn’t move away. He felt her lock her legs aroundand it encouraged him to keep doing what he was.He was about to pick her up and carry her to the bedroom when her stomach gurgled, loudly. He tried to continue but another gurgle and he couldn’t keep from laughing and Cynthia groaned. “It seems that you got a little side tracked and forgot to eat,” he said as he stood picking her up.She slid into his arms and wrapped her arms around him as he carried her to the living room. “I’ll heat that up for you,” he said setting her down, kissing her neck before releasing her. He picked up the bowl of chili and handed her the one with the salad. “Eat before you forget again.” He could have easily put it in the ultrawave but he put it in a pot and started it on the stove.“I was thinking we should go register the classes we want.Right now, the only one we have is the extracurricular one you want to take. I’m sure we still have to register for it. Of course if you’ve changed your mind we can find something else.” “We could, but we haven’t even thought about what else to take. And no, I haven’t changed my mind, I think it will be hard but fun too. I kind of like the idea that it’s a little exclusive.” “Yes, well I’m actually surprised that they are teaching it at all. I am curious as to what benefit it will offer. Anyway, chemistry is a level class as is biology. We have to take the next class to get to the next one. We have at least three we need to take. So we should take the next one. Of course, there are the math classes and the business classes. There are also the veterinary sciences that we need. We also have a class the fishery and the recreation parks.I believe you told your parents that we were going to the fishery in the coming session.” “I don’t think I was that specific, but yeah I told them we had to go to another station.” Daniel walked back over and handed her bowl to her. “Well we better take one of the classes that are held elsewhere. I wouldn’t want your parents thinking we deceived them or anything.” He sat down and keyed the station network up. He brought up the class requirements and they started looking at the classes they needed. As they talked about what ones to take Daniel sat back, frowning a little. “Something wrong?” she asked. She had been talking about something and stopped mid sentence when he started staring at her. “I don’t really know,” he said softly but seriously. “I think there has been an oversight. It just seems that this training program is limited in options. We don’t have many choices in what we will do when this is all over. Yet I don’t know where I am going. I didn’t pick anything specific because it felt wrong somehow. That was my choice but I never asked what it was you wanted out of all this.” “It doesn’t matter Daniel, we are taking the same classes. We will do whatever it is that we choose to do when we make that choice. For now we are on the same path.” “Yes but you realize that if we select a particular career we may be able to cut our time here shorter than expected.” Cynthia frowned. “Is there some reason that you are in a hurry to finish?” “I am not in a hurry,” he said quietly thinking about what he should say next. “I just don’t want to hold you back. If you had a particular direction you wanted to go, we can do that.” “What about you?We can do what you want,” she said with matter of fact tone. “It’s not always about me you know.” Daniel started to say something then shook his head. “I know where I want to go from here. I think I have for a while now.” Daniel stood up. “I think I will take a shower,” he added totally forgetting he already took one earlier. “Daniel!” Cynthia jumped up shouting. You can’t just say something like that and then decide to take a shower. How am I supposed to know if you don’t tell me?” Daniel hesitated then turned around and came back to her. “In this case, I rather not say. I don’t want you picking the same thing and not being happy because you wanted something else.I would like it if we were going the same way. If it ends where I think it will, it would be easier and more fun. However, if what you dream of doing is something else then that is fine. We will do what we can to fill that dream. Once that is done then I can work on where I want to go.” He kissed her cheek and turned to go back towards the extra bedroom and its shower. “What about your dreams?” she asked making him stop before he got through he doorway. Daniel gave her a tired smile. “Until a few months ago, I didn’t dream of doing much of anything. Then something happened that did give me a reoccurring dream. I thought about it a lot. I thought it was crazy and impossible. Then one day it wasn’t a dream, but reality. The best part is that it has come true every day I wake up or in some cases just open my eyes. As long as that keeps happening whatever else comes along is just extra.” “You are babbling, and making no sense.” “Yeah that happens. Maybe the shower will help clear my head,” he said as he head in and closed the door behind him. He wasn’t sure if he was glad or sad that she didn’t understand what he was saying.He thought it was clear enough in his head. Maybe it was all in his head. He let the water cascade down over him as he tried to get that image out of his thoughts. When he finished he dried off and walked out into the bedroom wrapped in nothing but the towel. He had few changes of clothes still in the closet. He looked around the room and at the boxes of supplies that finally came in. There was another project waiting to be started. “I think we will need to set up in here in the next few days,” he said as he came out of the bedroom. He looked around and couldn’t see Cynthia anywhere. He checked the bedroom and saw the bathroom closed. It didn’t take a degree to figure she was in there. There were a lot of things spinning around in his mind. So much, he couldn’t process it all. He closed his eyes and shook his head as if it would put the chaos in place. Finally, something clicked. He was sitting up in the bed when she came out. She was in her usual nighttime wear, one of his shirts that covered her to her thighs. He couldn’t see if she wore panties but he kind of hoped she was considering what he was about to suggest.She was about to crawl in when he held up his hand. “Something is wrong with this picture,” he said as she moved his head sides to side a few times looking at her at different angles. “Daniel I am tired, I don’t have the energy for this tonight,” she said moving again and was on the edge of the bed on her knees when he again held up his hand. “No, this is a simple thing and I am sorry I didn’t catch it earlier, it didn’t register until now,” he said somewhat serious. “Daniel, please,” she looked tiredly at him and waited a moment for him to say something. “No, I insist. It is something you wanted. I believe you said to act normal, but you’re not acting normal for you. There is something you’re doing that is not normal for you to do,” he said as she tried to move again. “Daniel,” she groaned. “It’s time for bed.” “That is it precisely.Now this way is great for me,I love the way those shirts smell after you wear them. However, I believe you said you don’t usually wear a shirt to bed. Now I know you did this for my benefit and I appreciate it. I just thought I would say that I am okay with it if you wanted to go back to what you normally wore. I’ll get the lights.” Daniel smiled and rolled over pressing the light controls. Everything went pitch dark. “Dam it, where the hell is that button,” he cursed under his breath as he struggled to find it. “I’m sorry not use to these controls, I know you like a little light, I’ll get it.” “Daniel,” Cynthia laid behind him, her hand slid up his back and over his arm pulling him back towards her, “its ok, the lights will come on again in the morning when the auto setting time comes. I can deal with it for the night.” She wrapped her arm around him and pressed right up close to him. He could feel her bare arms on his as she held tight her breast pressed against his back. She caressed his chest and kissedthe back of his neck. “It’s ok,” she whispered. “I’m fine with it, I just know you don’t like total darkness,” he said turning onto his back taking a deep breath as her breasts rubbed his back as he did so. “I just ..” he stopped. “Well the best laid plans of mice and men.” He shifted just enough to try and give her a kiss but ended upkissing her nose instead of her lips. It made him groan and her laugh. “Daniel, what are you doing?” “Thinking, seems to be the only thing I am good at,” he groaned. “You think to much, sometimes you just need to act, or maybe react,” she saidas she laid closer to him. “What are you thinking about what?” she asked after a minute of nothing. He snorted with half of a laugh. “I am thinking that I might be better off on the sofa. It would be less dangerous.” “Maybe, depends on what the danger was. Now I think it would only be me coming out to beat you senseless. We agreed that we sleep in the same bed, you wouldn’t want to break that agreement now would you?” He was silent and she reached overjabbed him. “Would you?” “Shh I’m thinking,” he said stifling a laugh. “Really? You have to think about that?” she laughed a she rolled over on top of him and started jabbing him in the ribs. “Yes I think about a lot of things, some things that might have consequences if not thought out” he chuckled. “Like what? What kind of things go through that smart boy brain of yours?” “Oh stuff like fuel consumption ratios and fertilizer mixes.Also, think about the day or week andthink about what I did or didn’t do. Then there are always the ‘what if’ scenarios. Same as you I’m sure.” “Daniel darling I hate to repeat myself, but you do think to much about things that don’t need to be thought about.As I said sometimes you think where you should just react. You miss some opportunities that you may not have considered in all that thinking.” She felt his chest heave as he sighed. “I know. I actually was trying to finish one particular line of thinking tonight, but it didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to. It took some time to find all the materials for my research and put it all together but it had some interesting possibilities. In fact, I thought it would need repeating since the results can vary so greatly. I would actually need your help to do it. Anyway I know you’re tired so just relax and go to sleep.” He wrapped around her and pulled tight. “I’m ok with you sleep right there if you want,”he started slowly moving his hands upwards rubbing her back and then up along the back of her neck. Hecupped her head in his hands as she tried to feel his way he pulled her down towards him and with a little effort found her lips as he gave them a kiss. He continued as he slid his hands back down the path they took up. They rested just on her back where her bra strap was as if it had snagged them. “Good night,” he said sleepily. She was quiet for several minutes.“Okay Daniel what is it you wanted to do? You have me wide awake and I can’t relax enough.” “Shhh its okay,” he rubbed her back. “Just some simple questions and what ifs, it is nothing to lose sleep over.” Daniel let his fingers mover along her back searching for anything for any sensitive spot he could find. She groaned when he founda knot in a muscle and started working it. “Sorry it’s not easy from this angle,” he whispered giving her back a caress and rubbing from the top to the bottom. “Not fair,” she grunted as he hit another spot right along her side and she felt his fingers moving lightly across it.“Dam it Daniel I’m ticklish there,” she jumped as he found one spot that he was really looking for. He had an idea it was somewhere there but the curves of her body made it harder to pinpoint. “Mmm I know. And that means that you are ticklish right about here,” he move one hand to her other side and guessed. He missed but he moved a few times and quickly got her to jump again. “Daniel you’re supposed to ask questions,” she tried to sound angry butshe was close to breaking out into a fit of laughter. “I don’t recall saying I was asking them all out loud,” he gave her a playful poke in those spots. She stifled the laughter but squirmed on top of him. “I suppose I could ask a few. But it requires a change and a promise answer each one accurately.” “Okay, what kind of change?” she asked. She had that cautious tone she used when she was just a little wary of something. He silently chuckled and she felt it as his chest rose and fell. “Daniel?” As quick as he could Daniel wrapped her tightly and rolled over so he was on top of her eliciting a small startled scream from her. “A change of position. Regrettable since I really did enjoy the last one.” She laughed and jabbed him in the ribs as he leaned up his knees straddling her on either side. “Ask so we can get to sleep.” “Patience, can’t rush science,now say stop at any time to end the experiment.First question is,” he leaned down closer. As they were about the same height, he knew about where he was and slowly found his way to her ear. “ how would Cynthia react if I,” he whispered softly in her ear and felt her shiver as he brushed his lips over the lobe and started kissing behind her ear and down her neck. He felt her shoulders shift just as he got closer and trailed several kissesover her shoulder. He repeated it going backwards and started kissing her neck and slipping his hands behind her as he came around and kissed under her chin and then up to her lips. “Well you’re not screaming stop so we can mark that as a good thing to do. You’ll have to speak since I can’t hear you nodding.” “Yes it was nice, and repetition with some variations would be acceptable,” she giggled. “Well that is where the next question combines with the following one. Second question is what she would do if I..” he shifted and pulled a hand up from behind her and gently settled it between her breasts. He finally got her to reactas she tensed and started breathing harder. She must have felt his finger hook around the small bridge of fabric between the bra cups. He pulled slightly and the sound of the Velcro fastener echoed as it pulled apart. It continued popping open as he pulled up and she pressed her back down on the bed.“I like that answer,” he said and got a gasp in response. He continued opening the Velcro latch using his fingers to speedthings along. Cynthia moaned when the two pieces of fabric finally separated.“Now that’s an even better sound. And to continue.Next questions,how far and which one?” he asked as she returned to the spot just under her neck and lightly brushed his lips.He didn’tpress into her skin this time as he movedsliding down her body as he slipped his tongue out and started leaving a thin trail he was just above her breasts as she took a breath. He didn’t go straight to either breast, instead he moved straight down and between them. He slipped more of his tongue out as he did and she shivered as the wetnesscaressed both of her breasts.He playfully kissed the small sot just below then moved a few times left and then right in indecision. Once Cynthia growled and pushed up her chest at him he movedto the right and started moving along the sides of the breast moving in a corkscrew pattern as he finally came up onto the nipple andlet it fall between his lips.The tip of his tongue slid around it as he suckedon it. Judging from how she was breathing Daniel guessed she was a little more sensitive than he expected. He grinned knowing that she wasunable to see it. He continued suckinga moment more then moved down and across to her left and started the process all over. This time he slipped a hand over on top the other die and rolled the nipple between his fingers as he sucked the other. He slid off her breast and a started a trail down her stomach, getting a few hits on the recently foundtickle spots. He was just about to her navel when she started squirming around and breathing even harder. “Daniel, I umm” she muttered as he slid the tip of his tongue into her navel. Her stomach jumped and his tongue impaled even deeper. “It’s okay to say it,” he said kissing her stomach and down just above her pantie line. “No not that. Definitely not that. I was going to say let me take these off,” she quickly added as she reached down and slid her hands down inside her panties. She pushed them up just enough to rub them on his chin. He moaned as he caught the smell. Daniel reached down and helped lifting her but off the bed as she pushed the last piece of her clothingdown her legs.Daniel helped after she had them past her knees and he caressed her legs as he pulled them the rest of the way off. He rubbed her feet asher legs parted and then slid his hands up and down her legs and thighs.She was quiet until he reach up and rubbed her stomachto resume his trail downward. “Daniel, remember I never umm” her concentration failed as he kissed the bald pubic mound.He was just above where she wanted, where she needed him to be when he moved to the left and kissed along her inner thigh. He put his hands back behind her and on her butt cheeks cupping both and giving them a squeeze as he lifted her off the bed slightly. She squealed andlaughed as he kissed again and again in areas all around where she wanted him.She was just about to reach down and put him there when she felt his tongue glide over it.Daniel then went down slowly pulling at the outer lips. “Careful there I’m intact Daniel. I don’t think you want to break through and honestly I’d rather not break my hymen tonight.” “MM that I would love to see in the light,” he whispered as he tongued the slit between the lips,again dancing over top of her clit. Finally, it emerged and he latched onto it. He pulled gently and sucked it a few minutes rubbing her legs and thighs as he did. He moved back and forth between her clit and the outer lips. He was carefully not to part the inner lipsso she wouldn’t be worried of breaking her hymen. He would rub her clit as he sucked the lips and vice versa. Somewhere along the way, she put her hands on his head and ran her fingers through his hair. She was close when she pushed up and into his mouth. She was panting and groaning as she reached her high and held her breath, she came hard. Daniel stayed where he was holding her and sucking her clit as she rolled with the waves through her body. She could feel his tongue as he slithered it up and down between the outer lips of her woman hood licking at the juices she was releasing. She moanedas he shifted sucking on her clit to sucking the lips and back again. Each time he pushed his tongue inside, she could feel her body tremble. She shook knowing that he would again suck on her clit, which was highly stimulated now. She also trembled, involuntarily, as she was anticipating the pain that comes from breaking the hymen.She didn’t have much time to worry about it as Daniel’s attentions brought her up to a new wave of orgasmic pleasure. Daniel managed to slide up and down her body several times. He would suck on one or the other of her breasts and rubbed her clit or he would stay between her legs and lick or suckuntil she came again. She had several big orgasms and she lost count of the smaller ones before she finally reached down to cover herself and keep him from continuing. Daniel chuckled softly and kissed her hand. He kissed all the way up her arm before settling in beside her and wrapping his arms around her. “Daniel I umm,” she tried to talk as her mind cleared the orgasmic fog away. “That was.. I can’t” Daniel cupped her breast and gave it a squeeze . He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek as if he knew right where it was. “Shh. Sleep,” she said drawing her head to his chest. “But I…” she said a little drowsy. “I said shh and go to sleep,” he whispered in her ear. “We have a lot to do tomorrow. You need rest.” “Thank you,” she whispered as she nestled into him and let the need to sleep overtake her. Daniel put a hand on her chest just to feel her chest rise and fall as she breathed. “Experiment finished and is inconclusive and in need or a revisited with modifications,” he said softly but with a laugh. “Repeatedly,” Cynthia responded in a sleep mumble. Daniel pushed in closer and held her tight. He laid listening to her, taking deep breaths as the room was perfumed with her scent. All aroundit was a pleasant evening. He fought with sleep, but it won out in a short time. His last thought before it overcame him, what would tomorrow bring?